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You know those nights when you know you should eat, but you don’t feel like eating a ready-meal (this blog was written during a period when the UK food supply chain was full of pre-packaged meals that contained horse meat labelled as beef).

Luckily my Tesco Metro (a kind of mini-supermarket designed to render the art of cooking useless – but more of that some other time) is only a short walk away, so I took a few minutes to browse the isles for a quick, but not totally mindless meal.

The solution was the following.

Anchovie Stuffed Olive Pizza


From the supermarket…

  1. 1 Margarita pizza
  2. 1 Packet sliced chorizo
  3. 1 Jar artichoke hearts
  4. 1 Tin anchovy stuffed olives

Plus from the cupboard – dried chilli flakes, dried fried garlic.


  1. Pre-heat oven (follow instructions on pack. Circa 200 c)
  2. Open packets, jars, tins
  3. Lay out toppings on pizza
  4. Stick pizza in oven (follow instructions on pack. Circa 12 mins)

Serve with fresh basil (optional), your favourite quaff-able wine – McGuigan BIN 736 Shiraz Viognier in this case.


Happy with the result, but not happy with Tesco being out of stock on artichoke hearts, I added zucchini and fresh spring onions to the toppings instead.

Pizza Variation