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In 2010, I joined London based SEO start-up ‘Influence Finder’ as a marketing consultant. My brief was to create a brand that would position the SEO platform to a worldwide market of businesses – from Soho Square agencies to SOHO firms.

One of my first tasks was to evaluate the brand ‘Influence Finder’ against other options including a previous name of the company  – Linkdex. I also commissioned a designer to develop a logo from a brief created out of consulting with customers, the founders and funders.

Linkdex was launched on the 25th of January 2011 in the United Kingdom and the USA. By then, I was Interim Marketing Director, managing the launch as well as the marketing strategy.

My role also included content marketing – reaching out to influential bloggers and creating great content that people would link to, PPC, affiliate marketing including partners like Alexa, strategic partnerships with media, management of PR firms in the US and the UK and creating collateral for trade shows and conferences.