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David Fuller is a marketing professional, writer, blogger and occasional photographer.


David completed a Commerce degree at the University of Melbourne in 1994. While he studied Economics, Accounting and Management Information Systems, he enjoyed Marketing the most. When awarded the opportunity to work for Procter & Gamble as an intern between 2nd and 3rd year, David decided that marketing would definitely be the direction he would go in.

Since 1994, the world of marketing has changed a lot and the role of digital technologies including online advertising, mobile marketing and social media has changed the game.


David almost did a Journalism degree. He has written short stories, essays and fiction from a young age, including stints on school papers and creating newsletters for clubs and organisations. In 2001, David completed a diploma in Travel Writing and wrote up many of his travels through South East Asia and Europe for specialist publications.

More recently David’s writing can be found on specialist sailing website Yacht Racing Business.